Best places to visit in Bihar during Monsoon

Best Monsoon Destinations In Bihar: On hearing the name of Bihar, the first thing that comes to mind is litti-chokha and then the city of Buddha. This state is a wide treasure in itself which is also famous for holy, historical and wonderful places. 

There are many such beautiful and popular places in Bihar where not only Indians, but foreign tourists also come to visit from time to time. In cities like Patna and Bodh Gaya, tourists keep arriving everyday to visit.

There are some places in Bihar where visiting in monsoon is a different kind of fun. The beauty of these places is at its peak during monsoon. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about some such places in Bihar, where you can also visit during monsoon.


When it comes to places to visit in Bihar, Rajgir’s name definitely comes first. This is such a city of Bihar where tourists keep reaching for sightseeing in every season. Especially, thousands of tourists arrive to visit during the winter and monsoon season.

Beautiful mountains, hourly forests and ancient caves  add to the beauty of Rajgir. Lakhs of tourists arrive especially to explore the mountains and dense forests during the monsoon. In Rajgir, you can explore places like Gridhakuta, Shanti Stupa, Cyclopean Wall and Son Bhandar. Apart from this, the bridge of glass also remains the center of attraction.


Kaimur is considered the treasure of Bihar in terms of sightseeing. This is such a city of Bihar where there is a different view during the monsoon. It is considered quite famous among nature lovers. It is said that no other city of Bihar can compete with the beauty of this city.

The sound of flowing rivers, lakes, waterfalls and birds can make anyone crazy in monsoon. That’s why many people consider the hills of Kaimur as the paradise of Bihar. In Kaimur, you can explore the best places like Kaimur Range, Karkat Falls, Telhar Kund and Kaimur National Park. You can also enjoy trekking here.

Valmikinagar (Balmiki Nagar)

Valmiki Nagar is a small but very beautiful and beautiful place in Bihar’s West Champaran district . Due to its presence near the rivers and Nepal border, this place is considered very special for tourists.

Thousands of tourists reach the banks of the river which separates the border of Valmikinagar and Nepal. Let us tell you that Valmikinagar is quite famous for the bells and beautiful forests. Apart from this, Valmikinagar is famous for Jungle Tiger Reserve. 

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