15 countries to visit abroad where the value of Indian currency is very high

The biggest problem that comes up for traveling abroad is the weakening of the Indian currency in front of the currency of other countries. But for your information, let us tell you that if you also think like this then it is absolutely wrong. Because it would not be right to keep the world covered in a few countries. Yes, it is true that the Indian currency is somewhat weaker than the currency of developed countries like America and Britain. We have to spend more while traveling abroad and all this happens because of currency exchange. But there are many beautiful countries in the world whose currency value is less than Indian currency rupees and these countries pay you more for Indian rupees.

Traveling to these countries will make you feel cheaper than in India and you can do a lot of shopping as well as visit many tourist places and do many activities without thinking twice. So come, we are going to tell you about such countries through this article, where it is very cheap to travel and the value of Indian currency is very good in front of the currency of these countries.

1. World’s cheapest country Bolivia in front of Indian currency

Bolivia is a beautiful multinational country located in West Central America. The capital of Bolivia is Sucre and its currency is Bolivian Boliviano. The currency of the country of Bolivia is weaker than the Indian currency and traveling here is much cheaper for Indian tourists. Traveling, shopping, hotels and food are very cheap here. If you are looking for low-budget foreign travel, then Bolivia can be a great destination for you. The value of Bolivian currency is 0.009 Bolivian currency against one Indian rupee.

2. Paraguay is the cheapest place to visit in Indian currency value.

Paraguay is among the cheapest countries in the world. The currency of Paraguay is the Paraguayan Guarani, which is very weak compared to the Indian Rupee. This means that the cost of living, eating, drinking, transport, hotel and other activities in this country is less. If you are looking for an inexpensive foreign trip, then a trip abroad to Paraguay can be an ideal choice. The currency of Paraguay Paraguayan Guarani is 87.04 against one Indian rupee.

3. Zimbabwe is a good place to visit for Indian currency price

Zimbabwe is among the cheapest countries in the world and traveling here proves to be extremely economical. The currency in Zimbabwe is Euro, which is equal to 0.013 Euro when compared to Indian Rupee, which is very less in front of Indian Rupee. Hotels in Zimbabwe can be expensive, but food, drink, travel and travel are affordable. This is the main reason why tourists choose to travel to this beautiful country. If you are planning a trip to an affordable foreign destination, then the name of Zimbabwe can also be included in your list.

4. Cheapest places to visit in Indian Rupees Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world as its currency is less than the Indian currency. The currency of Costa Rica is called ‘Colon’. Costa Rica is known as the paradise on earth because of its beauty and charm that captivates everyone. While sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, you will definitely think that this country is very beautiful and less expensive.

5. Belarus

Belarus is included in such countries of the world where the value of Indian currency is very high. The currency Ruble in Belarus is found to be weak in comparison to the Indian currency. There will definitely be some relaxation in activities like hotel, food and transport during Belarus trip. Traveling to Belarus can make your dream of traveling abroad come true at low cost.

6. Pakistan

India’s neighboring country Pakistan is also included in the list of countries whose currency proves to be weaker than the Indian currency. That’s why traveling to Pakistan is also cheaper, although it is different that there is tension between the two countries regarding the border dispute and Indian tourists prefer to stay away from traveling to Pakistan. But compared to currency, Pakistan is also a cheap country in terms of tourism.

7. Cambodia

The real, the official currency of Cambodia , basically proves to be weak against the Indian currency. That’s why Cambodia was included in such countries of the world whose currency is cheaper than Indian currency and it is cheaper to travel here. Food, drink, transport and traffic available in Cambodia are cheap. Tourists here are exposed to the culture and beauty of Cambodia. If you also get a chance to visit Cambodia, then definitely go here.

8. Vietnam

Vietnam is included in such countries of the world where the value of Indian currency rupee is very high. Backpackers are believed to have originated in Vietnam. You can take a river cruise on a tire between attractions such as Vong Vieng. Due to the low value of Vietnam currency compared to Indian currency, this country proves to be cheap for Indian tourists. Eating, staying and traveling in Vietnam happens on a tight budget. The places to visit in Vietnam include Danang, Hoi An, Halong Bay, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc etc.

9. Mongolia

The currency of Mongolia is cheaper than the Indian currency. Traveling to Mongolia is also interesting as the country is surrounded by giant neighbors like China and Russia. If you are fond of drinking, then let us tell you that these types of liquor are very cheap. Horse safaris are traditionally a fun experience in Mongolia. Traveling to Mongolia is cheap, so if you are planning to go on a foreign tour, then Mongolia can prove to be a beautiful destination for you. Shopping in Mongolia also turns out to be cheaper than in India.

10. The value of Indian Rupee is more than that of Hungary

Indian currency in Hungary is very high and hence Hungary is known as a cheap tourist country for Indian tourists. To stay in Hungary, the hotel rent is 700 rupees for one night, in which you will get bed, TV, fridge, which is in Budapest. Vehicles are ready to take you from place to place on a nominal charge. If you also want to do an exciting foreign trip at a low cost, then Hungary tours can be great for you. Here you can also do shopping in your budget and enjoy the trip to Hungary.

11. Nepal

Indian currency is stronger than Nepal currency and Nepal’s local food and attractive travel here is the heart desire of every Indian. Nepal is India’s neighboring country as well as a good friend and therefore traveling to Nepal feels like home. There are many attractive tourist places in Nepal where tourists can visit at low cost. Buddha Temple, Simbunath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple , Thamel and Pokhara are some of the major attractions here. Tourists enjoy leisure activities like shopping as things are cheaper here than in India.

12. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has many cheap options to stay in Colombo city as well as guest houses in other parts of the country with luxurious accommodation available for as low as Rs.1000. Such countries of the world whose currency is weak in front of the Indian currency include the name of India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka. Tourists can visit the attractive tourist places of Colombo, Bentota, Kandy, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Temple of Tooth Relic, Lununganga, Jetwing Lighthouse, Unawatuna Beach, etc. during their trip to Sri Lanka at a low cost. You can enjoy the attractions of these places in a lesser amount than in India.

13. Tanzania

The value of Indian currency is very high against Tanzanian currency, so traveling to Tanzania proves economical for Indian tourists. Visiting the Kruger National Park in Tanzania is a great experience. If you want to travel abroad at a low cost, then Tanzania can be a great destination for you. The places to visit in Tanzania include Serengeti National Park, Classic Tsonga Styles Huts, Kruger National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Mount Kilimanjaro and Lorian Swamp etc. are the attractions of Tanzania.

14. Laos

The currency of Laos is weak against the Indian currency. Foreign travel to Laos is very cheap and the best time to visit is from November to March. Getting around in Laos tends to be cheaper than in other countries. The major tourist destinations here include Tham Pukham Cave, Pha Ki Luang, Mekong, Luis Puhang etc.

15. Indonesia

The attractive country of Asia continent, Indonesia is famous for attractive tourist places and Indian citizens visit Indonesia a lot. The biggest reason for this is that the price of Indian currency is higher than the currency of Indonesia. The places to visit in Indonesia include Borobudur Temple, Borneo Trail, Jakarta, Borobudur, Pink Beach, Keraton, Taman Sari, Komodo Island etc.

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