Keep These Things In Mind While Traveling To South India

The main four states of South India are Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Each of these states is unique in itself with different languages, customs, cuisine, and tourists are wholeheartedly welcomed in these states. The traditions and customs of South India are different from the rest of India and coming here will give you a chance to get familiar with all these things. If you are planning a trip to the southern peninsula of the country, do not forget some important things and tips of South India before you go or during the trip and do not get lost in the natural beauty, crowd and new places of South India. Get ready for

So let us know here in our article today that what things should be kept in mind while traveling to South India.

Local people’s costumes

When traveling to South India, remember that the costumes of the people here are different than in other states of India, the local people wear clothes that are difficult to find in your wardrobe. In every state of South India, you will see different clothes and costumes, which are the most different and surprising. The men here are seen wearing dhoti, kurta, shirt, lungi while the women use the langa voni, saree and petticoat.

Peking to visit South India

If you are planning a trip to the states of South India with your family or friends, then remember to keep clothes based on the weather and climate here for your trip. You can keep loose cotton trousers in your bag as it is very hot and cotton trousers will help in relieving the heat. While women will be comfortable in light and simple clothes, be sure to carry a large scarf with you so that it can be used to cover your head, shoulders or legs if needed.

Street Rush In South Indian Cities

South Indian cities, like other big cities in India, have a lot of traffic. You can see all kinds of vehicles on the roads here. If you are traveling to South India for the first time, be prepared for all these things. Avoid traveling to the South Indian city on Friday nights if you want to avoid the hassle of overcrowded buses, auto-rickshaws, bikes, cars, traffic and flooding of roads. Due to the weekend, the streets in these cities are very crowded on Friday nights, so it is better to avoid traveling during this time.

The Weather Of South Indian Cities

Tell us that during the journey of South India, the information about the weather of these cities is very important for your journey. Most parts of South Indian cities experience a pleasant and mildly cool breeze throughout the year. Along with this, there is a hot and humid climate. The weather in Bangalore is quite pleasant throughout the year, but apart from that most parts of South India have hot weather. One should avoid traveling to this part of the country during summers as the temperature reaches up to 40°C during this time.

Nature of the people of South India

If you ask the people here about the way or any place while traveling, you will get very good response from the people here. The people of South India are very curious and friendly and you will get to hear interesting stories and experiences from them. The people living in South India are very soft and friendly in nature and you will feel the same after coming here.

Local food of South India

Let us tell you that the food of South India is different in comparison to other states, South India is full of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Let us tell you that the main diet here is rice, lentils, avakaya, pulusu, pappu, bobbattu, kaza, gongura, charu, while sea food is used with spices like legumes, curry leaves, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, garlic.

Traditionally, food is served on a banana leaf in various cities of South India, where coconut is used in various forms in the cuisine. Filter coffee is a specialty of South-Indian cuisine. Making filter coffee is like a ritual. That’s why the traditionality seen in the food here is not seen in the food of any other state.

Traditions and customs of South India

If you are planning a trip to the southern peninsula, then let us tell you that the traditions and customs of the South Indian states are different and surprising as compared to other states of India. Here are some of the most unique and distinctive cultures, customs and traditions of India that only the locals can understand. Karwa Chauth, Thimithi, Pongal, Lath Maar Holi, Ghunghat, Saraswati Puja are some of the most prominent festivals and customs of the South Indian states that you can indulge in during your trip to the southern peninsula.

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