Haridwar Bus Stand: A Spiritual and Scenic Getaways

In the core of the sacred town of Haridwar, the Haridwar Bus Stand works as a significant transit center linking travelers to various spots in Uttarakhand and beyond. Encircled by the calm Ganges river and the imposing Himalayas, the bus stand not solely aids seamless travel but also grants a peek into the deep cultural lineage and spiritual core of this holy ground.

Location and Accessibility
Placed aptly within the urban premises, the Haridwar Bus Stand is effortlessly reachable from varying parts of the city. Its well-thought-out position guarantees uncomplicated connectivity to major sites and charms, making it a favored selection for travelers and locals likewise.

History and Importance
With a history tracing back numerous years, the Haridwar Bus Stand has observed the metamorphosis of Haridwar from a quaint pilgrimage town to a buzzing tourist haven. It carries immense significance not merely as a transit hub but also as a symbol of the city’s growth over time.

Available Facilities

  • Parking: Adequate parking space is provided for private vehicles and tourist coaches, ensuring ease for travelers who opt to drive themselves.
  • Waiting Area: Visitors can unwind in the cozy waiting area while anticipating their buses. The capacious and well-kept premises proffer a serene atmosphere, allowing passengers to relax before setting off on their journey.
  • Ticket Counters: Numerous ticket counters cater to the varied requirements of passengers, offering a wide array of ticketing choices for diverse destinations. Proficient staff members ensure prompt ticketing services, lessening waiting time for travelers.

Haridwar Bus Stand Contact Number

Haridwar Bus Stand Contact Number

Haridwar Bus Stand Phone Number+91-1334-227037
Haridwar Bus Stand Enquiry Number90455 99115
Haridwar Bus Stand Email IDutc dot haridwar at gmail dot com


  • Haridwar Bus Stand Address: Roadways Bus Stand, Haridwar, Uttarakhand – 249401, India


  • Local Routes: The bus station operates countless local routes, facilitating simple commutation for inhabitants and pilgrims journeying to nearby temples and attractions.
  • Inter-city Routes: Starting from Haridwar, travelers can embark on buses to notable urban centers and towns across Uttarakhand and neighboring regions, rendering it a convenient initial point for exploring the area.

Nearby Points of Interest

  • Har Ki Pauri: A brief distance from the bus stand is the legendary Har Ki Pauri, a revered ghat on the Ganges banks. Pilgrims visit this consecrated site to bathe in the holy waters and take part in the evening aarti ceremony.
  • Har Ki Pauri Pandit ji Contact Number.
  • Chandi Devi Temple: Nestled atop Neel Parvat, the Chandi Devi Temple presents panoramic vistas of Haridwar and its adjacent landscape. Devotees frequently visit this hilltop sanctuary to seek the blessings of the deity Chandi Devi.
  • Mansa Devi Temple: Devoted to Goddess Mansa Devi, this temple rests atop Bilwa Parvat and is reachable via a cable car journey from the foothills. It stands as a popular pilgrimage site frequented by thousands of devotees yearly.

Accommodation Choices
Travelers can take their pick from an extensive range of lodging alternatives close to the bus stand, varying from budget-friendly lodgings to luxurious hotels, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

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Safety Measures
Authorities ensure strict observance of safety measures within the bus stand premises, comprising regular cleaning and maintenance undertakings to ensure the well-being of passengers.

Environmental Initiatives
In alignment with Haridwar’s dedication to environmental sustainability, the bus stand implements assorted eco-friendly initiatives like waste segregation and energy conservation measures to lessen its ecological impact.

Tips for Travelers

  • Best Time to Visit: The ideal period to visit Haridwar and its bus stand is during the winter months (October to February) when the weather is pleasant, and the city hosts numerous cultural festivals and events.
  • What to Carry: Travelers are counseled to bring key items such as water bottles, sunscreen, hats, and comfortable footwear, chiefly if planning to explore the nearby attractions on foot.
  • Safety Tips: While exploring Haridwar, travelers should stay alert to their surroundings and evade crowded areas, mainly during peak tourist seasons.
  • Local Cuisine and Food Joints: Delight in the delightful flavors of traditional Garhwali cuisine at the multiple eateries and food establishments close to the bus stand, presenting a culinary pleasure for food enthusiasts.
  • Shopping Options: Explore the bustling markets encircling the bus stand to shop for souvenirs, religious relics, and handicrafts, reflecting the vibrant culture and legacy of Haridwar.
  • Cultural Events and Festivals: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural medley of Haridwar by engaging in various festivals and cultural functions that exhibit the city’s age-old customs and traditions.

Maintenance and Upgradation Plans
The authorities are resolute in enhancing the infrastructure and facilities at the Haridwar Bus Stand to warrant a seamless travel experience for passengers and stimulate tourism in the area.


  1. What are the operating hours of Haridwar bus stand?

    The Haridwar bus station operates from early morning until late evening, with buses arriving and departing throughout the day.

  2. How can I find the bus schedule for routes from Haridwar bus stand?

    You can check the bus schedule for routes from Haridwar bus station either online on the official website or inquire directly at the bus stand.

  3. Are there any facilities available at Haridwar bus stand for passengers?

    Yes, there are facilities such as restrooms, waiting areas, ticket counters, and shops selling snacks and beverages at Haridwar bus station for the convenience of passengers.

  4. Is there a designated area for different bus routes at Haridwar bus stand?

    Yes, there are clearly marked bays or platforms at Haridwar bus station for different bus routes, making it easy for passengers to locate their designated buses.

  5. Do buses operate to and from major cities from Haridwar bus stand?

    Yes, Haridwar bus station serves as a hub for buses traveling to and from major cities and towns in the region, providing connectivity to various destinations.

  6. How far is the Haridwar bus stand from the main city center?

    The Haridwar bus station is conveniently located in close proximity to the main city center, making it easily accessible by public transportation or a short walk.

  7. Are there any information boards or announcements at Haridwar bus stand for passengers?

    Yes, there are information boards and announcements at Haridwar bus station to keep passengers informed about bus arrivals, departures, and any other relevant information.

  8. Can I book tickets for buses departing from Haridwar bus stand in advance?

    Yes, you can book tickets for buses departing from Haridwar bus station in advance either online or through the ticket counters at the bus stand.

  9. Is there parking available for private vehicles at Haridwar bus stand?

    Yes, there is designated parking available for private vehicles at bus stand, providing a convenient option for passengers driving to the bus stand.

  10. What are the transport options available for reaching Haridwar bus stand from other parts of the city?

    You can reach bus stand from other parts of the city using public transportation like buses, taxis, or auto-rickshaws, as well as by walking if the distance is short.

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