These airlines are considered luxurious, everyone dreams of sitting in them

Business travelers are so lucky that they get to travel around the world. They travel by good and expensive airlines and enjoy luxurious service. They look for luxury as well as comfort, so that they can get quality rest during their flight.

You and I must have heard the names of one and a half expensive flights, but there are many such airlines, which are known for their service. There is often competition among airlines, which constantly improve their service to attract new passengers. Let us also know about such luxurious airlines today. 

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is known as the fancy airlines. In its first class cabin, you will get service like any 5 star hotel. Here you come face to face with the first lounge area, whose diverse menu will amaze you. If you want to have the entire lounge to yourself, upgrade to a VIP room, which will give you plenty of space to relax. Etihad Airways offers a la carte menu along with fine dining. You can enjoy pairing your meals with their expensive wines. 

Lufthansa Airlines

Its experience is so great that if you sit in it once, you will choose the same airline every time. First, you get a limousine service on your way to the airport. Once you reach your destination, you are assigned a personal assistant. Once onboard, the cabin crew will take care of your needs. You will get a chance to enjoy standard cuisine made by Michelin star in this flight.

British Airways

The UK’s national airline has been providing top class services to business travelers since 1974. In this, scrumptious food made from fresh ingredients can be enjoyed. Not just this, the airways is popular for its Afternoon Tea service, with which you can also enjoy a British sandwich. The passenger seat comfortably converts into a luxury lie-flat bed. There are private television screens for your entertainment, where you can enjoy your evening with noise canceling headphones. 

Emirates Airlines

The First Class cabin of Emirates will not disappoint you at all. Who wouldn’t want to travel in a flight like a sky high luxurious 5 star hotel . First class passengers have their own suite with noise reducing doors. What’s more, business travelers can enjoy complimentary driver service for transfers between their home/hotel and the airport. Emirates lounges can be used by the airline’s business travelers and are open 24 hours a day. 

Japan airlines

It is the oldest airline in Japan. Japan Airlines, also known as JAL, provides business travelers with in-flight service similar to the best hotels and restaurants in Japan. Its seats are known as ‘Apex Suite’. These private seats are very comfortable and you will not see any seat adjacent to each other. The airline’s Sakura Lounge has business class sections that serve hot and cold Japanese and international cuisine, as well as an open bar ( airlines serving good food ).

Apart from this, there are many airlines like Singapore, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, American Airlines etc., which are known for their luxury service. If you have traveled in any of these, do share your experiences with us. 

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