CHANDIGARH to HISAR Bus Timetable Haryana Roadways Latest

CHANDIGARH to HISAR Bus TimeTable Haryana Roadways today, tomorrow.

Haryana Roadways from CHANDIGARH- 17 to HISAR Bus Time Table

Latest CTU Bus Time table from CHD to HISAR

Chandigarh to Hisar Bus timetable haryana roadways
Chandigarh to Hisar Volvo Bus Timings

Haryana Roadways and CTU operates its ordinary and Volvo buses from Chandigarh to Hisar Bus Timings as per schedule given below-

  • Distance between Chandigarh to Hisar248 KMs.
  • Bus fare from Chandigarh se HisarRs.296/-
Departure Time Route Via Bus Type 
04.20 hrsChandigarh to Hisar 
First Bus
Ambala, Kaithal, Barwala  Haryana Roadways 
04.25 hrs Chandigarh to Jaipur  
Night service
Kaithal, NarwanaRSRTC
04.50 hrs  Chandigarh to Hisar Ambala, Kaithal Haryana Roadways 
05.25 hrs –
05.40 hrs
Chandigarh to Hisar  Ambala, Kaithal, NarwanaHaryana
06.08 hrs  Chandigarh to Hisar Ambala, Kaithal, Barwala   PRTC 
06.10 hrsChandigarh to Hisar AC BusAmbala, Kaithal, BarwalaCTU AC 
06.40 hrs Chandigarh to Bikaner  Pehowa, Kaithal Narwana  RSRTC
07.00 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar Ambala, Kaithal Haryana Roadways 
07.25 hrs  Chandigarh to Hisar  Ambala, Kaithal  Haryana Roadways 
07.35 hrs Chandigarh to Sikar  Kaithal, Narwana RSRTC
08.40 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar   Ambala, Kaithal, Narwana Haryana Roadways  
10.14 hrsChandigarh to HisarAmbala, Pehowa, KaithalHaryana Roadways   
11.06 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar   Ambala, Kaithal Haryana Roadways  
12.00 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar Ambala, Kaithal Haryana Roadways 
13.47 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar Ambala, Kaithal Haryana Roadways 
15.05 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar Ambala, Kaithal CTU Ordinary
15.27 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar  Ambala, Kaithal  Haryana Roadways  
16.50 hrs Chandigarh to Hisar
Last Bus 
Ambala, Kaithal  Haryana Roadways 

Note- Passengers should confirm the latest timetable from Chandigarh Bus Stand Enquiry before leaving.

Chandigarh (ISBT Sector-17) Bus Stand Enquiry No.- 0172-2704014

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Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Time Table

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