Best 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

we will inform you about the main tourist places here, Singapore is an island located in Asia, a country and a city, it would not be wrong to call Singapore a country with modern technology, people from all over the world visit Singapore. You must have made up your mind once.

If we talk about the geographical location here, this country is located in the middle of Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is an exciting and dazzling place, it is also a major port, this city-country is very important from the point of view of tourism.

Singapore’s airport is also very beautiful and very hi-tech, to say that the airport is also equipped with all modern facilities, Singapore’s shopping malls, nightlife also attract tourists here.

Places to visit in Singapore

Let us now talk about what is the main thing to visit in Singapore –

singapore flyer

Singapore Flyer This is the world’s tallest wheel, if you are not afraid of height, you are fond of high swing, then this place is for you only, from this swing you can see the beauty of Singapore, it is said that from this swing you can visit Malaysia. And can also see some parts of Indonesia.

If you come to visit Singapore, then Singapore Flyer must try to come here in the evening because the view of sunset from here looks very beautiful.

Garden by the bay

Garden by the Way is a major place to visit in Singapore, there is a different level of thrill by seeing the shining here, you will also find great food and drink options here, the light show here is very beautiful, if you are here If you come, definitely see Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, OCBC Skyway, although you will need tickets for these three places.

Singapore Zoo – Best Place To Visit In Singapore

In this zoo, you get an opportunity to see the extinct animals, it will be a great decision for you to go to Singapore Zoo with your family, tell that there are more than 300 species in this zoo and tell you that here you can see the safari show, exhibit. Can enjoy jungle breakfast.

Take time to visit this zoo, this zoo opens till 9 in the morning, so do not miss the zoo at all in place to visit Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious resort located in Singapore, the swimming pool at this place is on the 57th floor and the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool is also here, the world’s largest atrium casino is also here.

Here you must see the iconic statue which is in the Merlion Park, this statue has the head of a lion, the rest of the body is of a fish.

universal studios

Universal Studios is also a thrilling place, it is in Sentosa Island, here you can also go for a family outing, it is a theme park and there are many best cafes and restaurants in this studio, if you like Hollywood movies, then you should visit this place. Must visit place, here you can buy more than one beautiful clothes.

China Town – China Town place to visit in Singapore

China Town is such a place to visit in Singapore where you have to come, there are many reasons, let us know, first of all, in China Town you can visit Sri Mari Amman Temple, apart from this you can also see Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. And to tell, here you can also visit the Chinese temple Thian Hak Keng.

China Town is a very good market, here you will get to taste many types of delicious Chinese dishes and all the shops here will attract you, so you must go here.

otanic Gardens places to visit in Singapore

Botanic Garden is a very beautiful natural place in Singapore me Ghumne ki Jagah, it is a place where you will come away from the brightness of Singapore in a calm environment and you will feel relaxed, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site . |

In this Botanic Garden, you will be able to see different types of rare vegetation, in this garden you will also see Singapore’s National Flower Orchid, there are also many lakes in which ducks and swans will be seen.

changi beach

Changi Beach is a beach which is very famous and old, here you can come to visit, there is also a beach park here, as it happens on every beach, here too you can see the beautiful view of the sunset, enjoy the sun bath. Can taste many types of seafood.

Changhi Museum

Changhi Museum is also a place to visit in Singapore , but if you are interested in museums etc. then only you should visit this place, you will be able to know the sorrow of the Second World War.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a place where there is always a crowd of tourists, here you also get many options for eating and drinking, apart from this, you can enjoy a lot, there is a beach here, Siloso Beach is a beautiful beach. Must go to this beach, you will feel as if nature is in front of you.

Here you can play with dolphins, yes you can enjoy swimming with dolphins in the underwater aquarium here Overall, Sentosa Island is an important place to visit in Singapore .

Now let us tell you the names of famous Hindu temples of Singapore, there are Sri Sivan Temple, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, Sri Veeramakali Amman Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple etc. in this country.

Orchard Road

If you are fond of shopping in shopping malls, then this place is for you only, here you have many beautiful goods and more than one branded showroom, many good level cinema halls are also present on this road.

Pangol Waterway Park

Pangol Water Way Park is such a tourist destination that introduces you to nature with greenery, it is a very beautiful park, here you can enjoy a lot in water and sand, the green trees here will make you feel relaxed.

in which month to visit singapore

The weather here is pleasant every month, so you can go anytime, but most Indians prefer to visit this country between July and September because many types of festivals are organized in Singapore in these months.

How to reach Singapore

For us this is a foreign country so obviously we can come to singapore only by plane we have to come to singapore changi airport then we can take taxi from airport to hotel flights to singapore will be available from

Question – What is the capital of Singapore?

Singapore is a country and the capital is also Singapore.

Question – What are the places to visit in Singapore?

universal studio , zoo , singapur flyer , garden by the bay , marina bay sands , botanic garden , china town , changi beach , changhee musium , santosa island , panglol water way park etc.

Question – In which month to visit Singapore? What is the best time to visit Singapore?

You can come here anytime, if you want to see Singapore’s festival etc. then you can come from July to September.

Question – What is Singapore Flyer?

This is a very high swing.

Question – How far is Singapore from India?

about 6000 kms

Question – What is the means of going from India to Singapore?


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